Jordan is a designer, educator, agrarian, and creative director. He develops public programs and installations, facilitates educational projects, and helps to make meaning through visual design and editorial development. His diverse work experience draws on his interests in people’s connection to place, public history and the knowledge of everyday experience, and the role of art and design as vehicles for meaning and connection.

Recent public programs and design projects explore communities’ relationship to place through wayfinding and interpretive signs. These include the participatory projects Momentary Monuments and Signs of the Psychic City, supported by Portland State University’s Creative Placemaking program, and Designing Public History Experiences, a university class created in collaboration with Five Oaks Museum.

Jordan’s design practice focuses on communication for cultural institutions, non-profits, publishers, and community groups. He has created visual design systems and publications for organizations including Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at Berkeley Law and PointBlue Conservation Science. Jordan has helped develop digital reading experiences and designed books for major publishers including Simon and Schuster, RandomHouse, and Springer.

Pursuing his interests in community relationships to land and ecology, Jordan has studied and worked in the fields of urban, small-scale, and regenerative agriculture. He has worked extensively on organic farms including Freewheelin’ Farm in Santa Cruz, California and Natural Roots Farm in Conway, Massachusetts and was Integrated Farm Systems Fellow at TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, where he worked with regenerative grazing systems. Jordan graduated from GrowNYC’s Beginning Farmer Program and was Farm Coordinator for the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots Community Farm in the Bronx, New York.

Jordan teaches in the School of Art + Design at Portland State University, with a focus on creating project-based courses that incorporate creative research models and socially engaged art projects. From 2018–2021, he co-directed RECESS! Design Studio (with support from the King School Museum of Contemporary Art), a project exploring the power of design with elementary school students. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Portland State University's Art and Social Practice program.

Forever a New Yorker, he lives in Portland, Oregon.

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