CTRL+P (Control+Print) is an assignment-based project where designers create collaborative posters through a process of happenstance. The images are created by students in an Advanced Typography class using the pre-digital technologies of collage, marker, and dry transfer lettering, drawing inspiration and aesthetics from the techniques of 1980’s punk rock flyers and the 1968 École des Beaux-Arts student protest posters. The primary process of designing the posters begins with a designer creating a single layer of artwork or lettering. A second designer then adds their own pre-designed layer on top to compliment, distort, or contradict the meaning of the previous layer. The result will be a series of Risograph printed posters that explore the role of chance in the design process and the way that typography and image conspire to make messages. 

Each time the assignment is offered, we create a print edition where participants leave with a full suite of prints. In 2022 we held an exhibition of posters and process materials at Portland State University’s MK Gallery.

With contributions from:

Alex Felt, Ali Hart, Alice Lavrinenko, Andrew Compton, Arianna Thomas, Briana Cieri, Bryan Solano-Ramos, Danni Gordon, Freya Kargard, Hannah Hart, Heather Sutherland, Jason Franks , Jay Person, Jenny Davanh, Marcos Cisneros , Quinn Richards, Quinn Smesrud, Sophie Wintersgill, Tori Mize, Will Marcoe, Chihiro Kashiwagi, Dajun Kim, Leigh Annand, Lucy Erickson, Mette Voldengen, Patrick Tebbs, Rachel Gillam, Rich Giofu, Sophia Mick, Tahlia Nanpei, Hannah Joseph, Sophia Stoker, Quinn Carroll

Homepage thumbnail image by Briana Cieri

Promotional poster