Everybody’s Type

AB Gallery, Portland State University, Portland OR, 2022

Everybody’s Type is an exhibition of posters from the ongoing People’s Typography Project. The posters were created by student designers, based on interviews they conducted with non-designers about typography and graphic design. The project explores what the public understands about graphic design, and what typography actually communicates. It required us to examine the differences in typography’s intent versus impact. The posters celebrate and break down the impact, influence, and mundane reality of how typography lives outside of the classroom.

I developed the show and project, and co-curated the exhibition with students from Portland State University. The graphic identity for the show was created in collaboration with Jose Mendoza.

With contributions from:
Maria Landers, Bella Solorzano, Nicole Gueta, Itchel Gaona-Miranda, Fiona Hays, Jose Mendoz, Tran Le, Tommy Lee, Zoey Trask, Shawntel Ivey, Jerek Rauch, Sabrina Achcar-Winkel, Elise Ricks, Sarah Bounds, Samson Criscuolo, Vartan Friedman, Randy Chong, Angela Nguye, Aya Boutwell, Damion Valencia, Dusty Winters, Emily Craig, Haley Love, Isabella Medina, Kami Shattuck, Macy Eiesland, Magaly Guardado-Marti, Michael Vasquez, Mohammed Binsabaa, Nia Musiba, Noah Brown, Stacey Horton, Sydney Yoo, Taylor Begg, Tsai Fu Chun, Yasmeen Gonzalez, Ariel Fogden, Gianna Zanzi, Iris Huynh, Jingyi Tao, Kai Reeves, Kami Goul, Kelsey Stewart, Marena Yaacoub, Mujtaba Alsaihati, Noel Anderson, Runtong Yu, Sam Garcia, Samantha Will, Sarah Zupnik, YingQi Huang

Promotional Graphic

Poster series by Jose Mendoza

Poster series by Tommy Lee

Poster series by Yasmeen Gonzales

Poster series by Haley Love

Poster series by Noel  Anderson

Poster series by Nia Musiba

Poster series by Ariel Fogden