Family Face

Family Face is a classroom assignment developed for an Advanced Typography course. Students research their family histories, and collaborate with parents, siblings, or members of their family of choice to create new typefaces for a shared surname, drawing on their cultural backgrounds, personalities, and identities. The assignment seeks to bridge the creative aspects and core formal concerns of designing type with a broader cultural understanding of graphic design outside of the classroom and expanding the role of designers to include those of cultural historians, community storytellers. 

In several iterations, signs were lasercut and installed at family homes.

With contributions from:

Alex Felt, Ali Hart, Alice Lavrinenko, Andrew Compton, Arianna Thomas, Briana Cieri, Bryan Solano-Ramos, Danni Gordon, Freya Kargard, Hannah Hart, Heather Sutherland, Jason Franks , Jay Person, Jenny Davanh, Marcos Cisneros , Quinn Richards, Quinn Smesrud, Sophie Wintersgill, Tori Mize, Will Marcoe, Chihiro Kashiwagi, Dajun Kim, Leigh Annand, Lucy Erickson, Mette Voldengen, Patrick Tebbs, Rachel Gillam, Rich Giofu, Sophia Mick, Tahlia Nanpei, Hannah Joseph, Sophia Stoker, Quinn Carroll, Adrian Cintas, Aeris Min, Armando Lara, Ash Kukuzke, Ashton Hoffman, Brooke Metropulos, Emmett Crass, Fayte Michaluk, Haley Mullane, Josh Sewell, Karina Benjamin, Kathleen, Lea Thompson, Martin Prose, Michelle Aten, Patrick Foley, Robert Ditty, Simon Johnson, Simone Gee, and Zoe Abadi

Homepage thumbnail image by Sophia Stoker

Designers and their family members with custom signs: