Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, Portland OR, 2018

In collaboration with Dominique Shelton,  Kim Sutherland, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Administration, Mrs. Jones’ fifth grade class, the student designers of RECESS! Design Studio. With support from KSMoCA.

I AM. is a project initiated by Dominique Shelton, an active parent in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School PTA. Students in the school researched and created evocative, lively portraits of local and global role models. The portraits created parallels between the good acts of people from the neighborhood, including parents and friends, to those of international icons. Working with a group of students in the RECESS! Design Studio, we designed a series of posters as part of a long-term installation in the school cafeteria. The project presented an unusual and rewarding opportunity to collaborate with a broad school community, including King School Museum of Contemporary Art, the school administration, students’ parents, and students across several classes and grades.