Recent branding and web design projects

I occasionally design logos and brand identities for organizations and small businesses. I am interested in the design process as a clarifying tool, and commonly design surveys, interviews, and working sessions intended to create dialogue within teams and help groups understand their goals and purpose. My intention in branding projects is to move away from the notion of crafting a public image, and to move towards creating messaging that is an accurate reflection of an organization’s role in the world.   

Center for Law, Energy & the Environment
Proposed logo design and brand development for the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE). CLEE’s organizational description is “channeling the expertise of the Berkeley Law community—faculty, staff, and students—into pragmatic, creative policy solutions to critical environmental and energy challenges.” The logo plays off of conventional and common iconography of a networked globe, pushing it into an organic form. The mark creates a form that merges CLEE’s image as an expertise holder with their commitment to environmentally sound energy solutions.  

Acre Policy Logo design and brand development for sustainable agriculture consultancy. Acre Policy’s logotype is more reminiscent of the chisiled type you may find on a turn of the century bank, rather than the side of an organic farmer’s truck. The aesthetic was intended to propose a sense of assurance. The curved form of the “A,” and cheery color scheme introduce a youthfullness, reflective of Acre Policy’s innovative approach to policy. 

David Gaynor Design
Logo design and brand development for independent furniture maker.  David’s modern furniture is refined and minimal. The logotype takes a reductive approach, the primary distinguishing feature is the connection between geometric letterforms, suggesting joinery and craft. 

Ecology of Awakening
Logo design, brand development, and design of marketing collateral for an organization offering experiential programming focused on ecology and wilderness immersion. The mark is representative of gently unfurling ferns. The image of a young fern is meant to suggest nature connection, as well as a process of growth, and the inclusion of multiple to imply community, which is foundational to Ecology of Awakening’s programming. 

Network for the Digital Economy and the Environment

Logo design, brand development, editorial development, and web design. The Network for the Digital Economy and the Environment is a collaboration between the Environmental Law Institute, the Yale School of the Environment, and the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at the University of California, Berkeley whose mission is to catalyze and disseminate research on the energy and environmental impacts of the digital economy. I worked with the stakeholder team to develop visual identity, content strategy for their website, and organizational naming. The mark itself evokes a ripple with two sets of concentric rings, meant to suggest the mutally affecting relationship between the digital economy and environment.